Termite Pest Control



Termites are one of the hardest bugs to eradicate because they are not easily noticed by the untrained eye. It would be nearly too late realise once they starting chewing your property!
Superior Cleaning, Carpets & Pest Control uses equipment and techniques for total removal of termites. Our team promptly removes these nuisances from both homes and businesses.e that it works.

Turn to us, and we will ensure that your property is not only free from termites but also other unwanted pests. We highly recommend that you schedule an inspection with us. Bug control begins with the identification stage. Our inspections help us know whether or not it is a termite problem or another type of infestation and how serious it is.

After the initial assessment, we then continue to the next phase of removing all intruding bugs from your house. This process starts with locating the source of the problem and thoroughly treating all infested areas. It also includes making sure the unhatched eggs are destroyed, and we also remove all pests that might be in flight before reproduction.


After inspection, our licensed termite and pest control technicians will discuss the situation with you. Then, we will confirm if you want to proceed and apply the solution that will work best in your scenario. We provide specialised solutions that help you permanently remove these bugs from your home or business. Our team will help your business resume regular operations as fast as possible. You will be able to sleep better at night and resume daily home tasks and live a better, more secure life if termites are stopped.
We know how to address the root of the problem to help prevent costly damage. Your home or commercial building structure will remain intact if we address the problem immediately instead of waiting. We definitely respond to urgent termite removal requests to ensure total safety of your family, particularly when a home foundation is at stake. The same is true for businesses. You do not have to live in fear that your building’s foundation is degrading!

Our team makes sure all solutions we use for eradicating termites are compliant with government health and safety regulations. We pride ourselves on professionalism and experience. When you hire us, we make sure that the termites are eliminated as fast as possible. The techniques we use will keep them away for several years.