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Rug cleaning is a job best left to trained professionals with the correct equipment and cleaning products knowledge. It is far too easy to make an error with an unsuitable product and/or the cleaning process. Your rugs are often very valuable and whilst some errors caused by incorrect cleaning can be rectified, there are many times that the end result is not as satisfying as you would hope for. Have your rugs cared for and cleaned by Superior Cleaning, Carpets & Pest Control.

Rugs have more bacteria, allergens and viruses in them than you probably realise. Therefore, you need the best dirt extraction methods provided by Superior Cleaning, Carpets & Pest Control.

We can call to your home or business and collect the rugs, wash, dry and sanitise them and deliver them straight back to your door when completed.

Whatever your business or industry is, we will provide you the assistance you need to keep your buildings tidy. If you need help with cleaning your rugs, we will make sure we wash any pieces of carpet that are near the water cooler, bathroom, cafetwith eria or elsewhere on the premises.

We also provide rug cleaning for homes as well as businesses. If you are seeking services from us for a private residence, we provide our same quality maintenance solutions to you as we would for a large corporation. You may request our services as frequently as necessary, and we will plan a schedule that fits your time.

We will help you remove all those stubborn wine stains, pet waste odours, dis-coloration from smoking and more. We are known to eliminate issues that you might have thought were beyond repair.

The advantage of this is that the deep cleanings we use can prevent you from having to throw rugs away that might have sentimental value. You will save money because the shampooing and dirt extraction techniques we use make your carpets look as new. You will be pleasantly surprised the difference our Superior rug cleaning methods make.

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Our powerful rug machine pulls up dirt below the surface in addition to on the surface. The outcome produced after our thorough maintenance is that you have a safer, more sanitised work or home environment.
Your safety is always a priority to us when we perform work near busy production stations. We often work after your building is closed to further ensure workplace safety. This will better enable you to resume business as usual and we will work behind the scenes when your building is closed.

The same is true when we clean your residential rugs, too. Whether you need us for your business or for your residence, you can always be assured that we will eliminate every stain. We will raise the overall comfort level for your visitors and keep your family living spaces as germ-free as possible.

You can request Superior Cleaning for rug or carpet maintenance often or as rarely as you feel is necessary. Our objective is to provide quality customer service.


  • Pre-inspect the rug
  • Rug beating to remove all the dry particles
  • Pre vac with a commercial upright HEPA vacuum
  • Precondition and pre-treat the rug
  • Dye locking to prevent colours from running
  • Gently agitate to help break down the soiling
  • Rinsing the rug of soiling and chemical
  • Deodorising and neutralising to get rid of any sticky residue
  • Pile setting and drying


  • Stain removal
  • Odour treatments
  • Allergy treatments
  • Urine treatment