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Have you ever considered hiring someone to clean your home so you don’t have to? If so, you are advised to be careful who you choose for the job. If you want your residential cleaning tasks performed to your satisfaction, then you should call upon us. We offer a level of quality that surpasses other companies. Our staff have undergone police background checks prior to entering our cleaning agency.

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You might have some hesitation about whether or not you should hire a professional residential cleaner. If so, we can help you decide if this is a service meant for you.
Maybe you have a family or spend quite a bit of time caring for an elderly parent?

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Maybe you have a career that demands you to work long hours? In any of these cases, you probably have very little energy left at the end of the day. If this describes your situation or similar, you are entitled to have someone to help you keep your house clean and tidy.

Another common scenario that might be is; Perhaps you need to prepare your home when your relatives come to visit during a holiday. This especially becomes priority if they decide they want to stay with you instead of seeking other accommodations. You probably already have plenty of other preparations to make before they arrive as well. Therefore, you might need to call upon a professional cleaner who can make your place spotless. First impression counts!

Another scenario: maybe you have a home child care business that requires your place to be clean at all times. If so, you need your place to look presentable even if you do not have much free time. Let us help you straighten, clean, wipe down all your surfaces, and vacuum or mop each room. We can help you with heavier cleaning tasks such as detailed high pressure tile and grout or carpet cleaning. Don’t put those children’s health at risk!

Regardless of the reason, your home needs to be cleaned. Our professional team will perform any combination of tasks necessary to keep your place in order. In addition to regular house cleaning and floor maintenance, Superior Cleaning, Carpets & Pest Control will also climb as high as you need us to in order to make all your glass shine. When seeking residential cleaning services, you have the option to request any one of our services as few or a many times per year as you feel is necessary.


Superior Cleaning provides results that surpass the quality of our competitors. We have positive reviews showcasing our history of customer satisfaction on our Facebook page. Our team works around your schedule instead of us performing the work when it is convenient for us.
We are licensed, insured and have performed police background checks on all of our team members before employing them. We only send the workers to your site who are qualified to carry out the responsibilities of the specific projects you want us to complete.

Moreover, we deliver what we promise when it counts the most. For instance, we will make your place immaculate enough that you can be sure to have your tenant security deposit returned to you. Likewise, we can restore your place as quickly as possible after a fire, pest infestation or flood.