We provide the safest and most effective rat/rodent control solutions. You also have the option of regular monitoring to keep unwanted pests away from your property.

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Telltale signs if you have a Rodent Problem

If you suspect you have rodent problems, you might very well be correct. We can give you several indicators of how to detect a rodent infestation.

One common sign that rodents have invaded your property is when you notice tiny droppings. These feces look like minuscule pellets that are approximately the size of an olive pit, and they usually are a shiny, black colour. You usually will see their droppings on the floor, the kitchen counter, your cabinets or in your pantry.

An additional sign that rodents might be on your property is to look out for inedible pieces of food. For instance, you might notice shells, seeds or peels lying on the floor. You might also see uneaten food particles in the dirt or grass near buildings or fences.

You might also notice burrows about 50 mm wide along walls and fences. These narrow tunnels might also show up around rubbish containers, near ditches or under buildings. You might see them close to grass and weed patches, wood concrete slabs, wood piles and other high-moisture areas.

If you see greasy marks on your walls, that might be are another clue that rodents are infesting your property. These scuffs are often evidence that the oily fur from rats have repeatedly come in contact with walls. You might also see these grease marks near entrance holes. Rats usually are nocturnal, and they usually congregate in areas where other rats gather.

Some types of rodents will even venture out into the daylight if they were not successful in finding food at night. You might not always see them whether they roam around at night or during the day. However, you can probably hear their scratching and scurrying sounds.

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Common Issues We Address

Mice and rats make up a large number of Australia’s native rodents, and they have a strong reputation of being devious and sneaky. If your rodent problem is neglected, these small creatures can multiply to unmanageable numbers faster than you realise. Therefore, we encourage you to take care of the problem as soon as possible, and we can help.

You especially need our assistance if the rodents have already nibbled their way through your water pipes. If you neglect this situation long enough, the chewed pipes could break and cause a flood in your house or in your building.

You will want to stop them from gnawing through gas pipes or the insulation around the pipes. We hope that none of this has happened yet, and we want to offer you our rat/rodent control services before it does become a severe problem. Feel free to let us know what you need any time.

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