Office Cleaning



We know how difficult office cleaning can be. Primarily because offices are in use all day and it is too disruptive to the daily working process to have cleaners getting people to ‘lift their feet’. A spotless office portrays a sign of professionalism. Therefore, you need to call upon a provider who pays close attention to detail when maintaining a building. All our staff are Police checked regularly and we arrive after hours at days and times you select.
You also need to know that the cleaners you hire will adhere to all confidentiality protocols in order to keep all your trade secrets private. When you hire Superior Cleaning, Carpets and Pest Control you have the assurance that your information is safe with us.

We are aware that you have unique janitorial needs that other types of companies might not have. Therefore, we will meet with you to help you devise a schedule that will work for you. For instance, you perhaps want trash to be removed from your water cooler areas and desks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On the other days, you maybe want the bathrooms to be cleaned every day.

Whatever the kind of custom janitorial plan you need, we will meet with you to discuss it. After you are satisfied with the way how you want your business and commercial maintained, we will then get started. We are happy to serve you, but you might have more questions about the kinds of office cleaning services we provide.


When seeking help from us, we are aware that many establishments such as restaurants, clinics, hospitals or and doctors’ offices have very stringent sterilisation requirements. In these environments, we often use special health and safety protocols that in some way differ from non-medical or non-food environments. However, we also know that your commercial building might demand an immaculate working and retail atmosphere every minute that your doors are open.
Examples of times to devise a plan of attack is to find out why you see unusual holes in some of your food packages or on walls.

Office Cleaning Gold Coast

Another common scenario that might trigger the need for controlling pests is if you find uneaten substances scattered through your house and yard.

In these cases, we will disinfect all your phones with a wipe of a sanitising towel. We know that you probably share bathrooms with large numbers of people. Therefore, we will make sure those are wiped with the strongest disinfectant possible.

We also make sure your glass doors and handles have no smears, smudges or fingerprints on them. We also regularly dust every inch of your reception desks, cubicles, ledges, vents, light fixtures and more. We concentrate not only on the areas that are visible to the customers but also the parts that only your employees see.


You can choose the office cleaning services that most would suit your company’s needs. Some of these would be in addition to the routine janitorial services. We offer grout scrubbing and high pressure floor cleaning that removes dirt from grooves more so than regular cleanings.
We meticulously sanitise every inch of your place of business including all production areas. We also make sure all your conference rooms are kept cleaned and sanitised.

All water cooler areas and cafeterias are swept, mopped, cleaned, dusted and wiped with disinfectant. We also offer carpet cleaning that pulls all the dirt from deep within the fabric. This includes all stains, sticky fluids and ground-in food. All of this is done to ensure your place is as germ-free as possible.

If you need window cleaning, we also provide that as often as you need it. You could request streak and scratch free washing of your main glass doors, atriums, mirror glass and more. Some of the glass cleaning could be worked into the regular routine, while others would be scheduled during a time that is convenient for you.