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The process of cleaning leather is one that must be treated with ‘kid gloves’ and Superior Cleaning, Carpets & Pest Control are specialists in this field. If leather is cleaned by an untrained person there is a high chance that an error will occur. The most common error is discolouration caused by incorrect chemicals in a product. If this happens, it is almost impossible to return the leather to its original colour tones.
Our trained staff will promptly and professionally help you clean virtually any type of leather interior in your home or office. We will buff it in such a way that dramatically improve its appearance.

We conduct more than just a surface clean. We treat the most stubborn scuffs and grazes. We use the safest and most effective solutions for removal of wine stains, oil, engrained dirt and more. We especially handle your white leather lounges with care in order to restore them as close to their original condition.

Leather Cleaning and Restoration


Perhaps your porous leather furniture now has an odour and you are not sure why. It is likely because various types of organic waste are trapped within its fibres. This happens after a spill occurred unbeknownst to you. Therefore, you could not tend to it before it dried into the fabric.
On the other hand, you might have lighter-coloured furniture. In this case, you probably do notice the stain. If so, you probably can agree that there is not much worse than noticing that unsightly soil on your favourite piece of furniture.

Another scenario we often deal with is furniture that has become dingy and worn over time. This usually happens when it is not maintained often enough. You also might not realise that these old pieces of furniture often have viruses, bacteria and dust mites engrained deep within the pores. Even pet waste, urine, sweat and food particles might have contributed to the loss of your furniture’s original colour.

Because of unattractive stains, you may have already moved furniture around or turned over mattresses in order to cover up the spots. However, you need to know that dust mites and other waste substances are the cause of certain severe allergies in children. It is never too late to make a change. Now that you know you can improve the condition of your furniture, and repairing it now is far more cost effective over time.


If you have a stain that just won’t come out, a pet mark on your mattress, or an odour in your house, we can help. The professional leather cleaning we provide can quickly bring your furniture, mattresses, drapes and other home interiors back to life. Our upholstery and interior cleaning of all leather fabrics can increase the value of your home before you decide to sell it.
Our furniture maintenance services can also help you prepare your rental property for a new tenant. If you are a person renting a place that is planning to move, you might benefit from our services if you want to guarantee your bond to be refunded in full. We can transform your expensive furniture as well as handle it with extreme care.

We carefully assess the situation before we start any project. Then we apply the best choice of equipment and knowledge to your unique situation. You can rely on us to remove any stain and make your home smell fresh again with our leather cleaning service.