High Pressure Cleaning Brisbane



All around your property there will be areas that could really benefit from our high pressure cleaning service. From well used concrete, patio tiles and brick paths to wooden decks and fences, we can make a massive difference. Also, get rid of that mould growing on concrete or building areas that get little or no sun. For any high pressure cleaning services, consider Superior Cleaning, Carpets & Pest Control. We service all areas from Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and Gold Coast
We offer the latest in high pressure cleaning technology to clean your residence or commercial building. We restore all your floors as much as possible to their original condition, and this could save you money on renovations. Your place can experience a drastic improvement in appearance without replacing any flooring or carpet.

Brisbane High Pressure Cleaning


Our expert specialty floor team works smarter so you no longer have to work as hard to keep your place presentable. Whether it is a business or home, we can help you reduce the stress and strain associated with having to scrub floors and carpets by hand.
Perhaps you have a family to enjoy, or you work all day. The last task you probably want to perform at night is to clean your carpets and floors. Therefore, we encourage you to entrust the job to us. You can be confident that we will provide you with satisfying services as the rest of our clients have given us five-star positive reviews.

Another benefit of hiring Superior for your high pressure cleaning needs is we perform the work around your schedule. We can come in after hours if your office is open during the day, or we can arrive during the day if your office is open only at night. Otherwise, you are welcome to be present if that would make you feel more comfortable. In any case, we have a positive report within the Brisbane region already, so we look forward to the possibility of being the ones to fill your floor or carpet maintenance needs.


We use Gerni systems for cleaning dirt, grime, food, fluids and pet waste from all types of non-porous floor surfaces including tile and grout. We blast away at all the unwanted substances in such a way that all the dirt packed into the floor’s cracks and grooves will disappear.
You might wonder how this is possible and whether or not we exhibit some kind of magic as we work. Not, it’s not magic, it’s skill. This technique works on some of the stubborn spots and spills not easily removable using standard chemicals and cleaners. The equipment we use does work, and it saves you so much time and money because it does not take nearly as long as if we were to perform these tasks for you by hand. It just makes sense to use the kinds of machines we use on your hard-surface floors.

We use these pressurised cleaners to extract all dust, pet dander, bacteria and pathogens from your carpets. The result is that all your floors in every room look like new, and you probably do not even have to pay to have them replaced, which is even more expensive! We should also tell you that the methods we use reach and pull all of the residue out of your carpets beneath the surface and not just skim the top stains.

Some of our techniques will even work on some walls. We can work wonders on cleaning your ceilings, trimmings, window ledges and more. We make sure we handle your surfaces with care and use methods that will not cause damage.