You may not realise this but we have a selection of international cockroaches wandering through our homes, restaurants and businesses including German, American and Australian.

There are various treatments available to us and which one is best depends on the level of infestation, the surroundings, the availability of feed and the foot traffic. The ideal option is to target where they live and breed but that is not always possible. Other options are to set a barrier around your property to stop them even entering. This is ideal for food zones and childcare centres etc but generally, not a necessity for regular homes and offices.

Whatever application we apply, we will offer a guarantee that it works.


Ants, Flies, Fleas, Wasps and Mosquitos

Each pest problem requires separate consideration but that doesn’t mean they will require separate treatments.

Once we determine what your pest problem/s are, we can generally attend to them with just the one or two application options. Depending on your outdoor areas that are affected, there are times that one treatment plan could suffice for both inside and out.

But whatever the pests are, we can eradicate them quickly without risk of any health issues to you or your family.


Spider Treatments and Removal

Whilst spiders are part of our environment and play a significant role controlling other insects around our property, spider webs are not a pleasant sight in any surroundings.

To be rid of these pests, we need to break the breeding cycle and eradicate the current inhabitants.

Our treatment will quickly rid your home or business of the spiders and continue protecting your premises for 12 months or more. Also, there is a selection of ideas and options that you can initiate during the year to deter the return of spiders to the property and we will be happy to give you that advice at no extra charge once we survey the property.

We welcome you call to 1300 557 364 to discuss your particular pest issues