Brisbane Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Superior provides Brisbane businesses with the best rug and carpeting flooring maintenance solutions available today.

Commercial Carpets hold many benefits for businesses including; noise reduction, insulation and slip resistance. However, it does require regular maintenance and cleaning.

Our Brisbane based team operate from Runcorn and service clients on Brisbane’s Northern and Southern suburbs. We’ve delivered high quality services to clients from Thorneside to North Lakes and as far west as Jindalee.

Our expert team have all been certified and police checked to ensure only the most trustworthy individuals wielding the best expertise in their industry enter and service your business.

The Superior Difference

Custom Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning a commercial workplace can be much trickier than a home. Early mornings and long nights or even night shift teams can mean that there are very few hours during a week that your offices are empty and cleaning can be implemented undisturbed.For this reason Superior do not employ a cookie cutter schedule like many businesses but are proud to tailor our services to your time schedule. This includes after hours and night time cleaning.

Flexible Service Schedule

Just as your cleaning schedule needs to be flexible so does your cleaning services. Some businesses receive a lot heavier foot traffic and depending on your industry, staff and clientele; your carpet may be heavily soiled frequently.That’s why we offer a tailored service schedule also. A light shampoo and vacuum may be perfect for offices in Brisbane CBD but, industrial complexes or an office space in the Port of Brisbane might need a little extra love.On inspection, we’ll recommend a schedule that is right for you and your business to ensure optimal cleanliness with minimal disruption.

In any case, you have the option of having us arrive to clean your carpeted areas after office or working hours or you can stay present if you want.

Professional Equipment

Either way, we offer the safest, most reliable solutions for cleaning commercial carpeting. One of our favourite machines to use for businesses is the Rotovac 360 hot water extraction machine.This highly professional equipment was engineered to lift dirt out of even the most soiled office spaces, meeting rooms or break areas. We run the Rotovac through the dirtiest carpeted sections of your break rooms, bathrooms or high-traffic areas. The difference this machine makes on your carpeted areas is phenomenal. Cleaning and sanitising a carpet from top to bottom and restoring its original look, colour and feel.

A Deep Clean

We can provide deeper cleaning solutions at times that are most convenient for you. The equipment we use pulls the dirt up deep below the surface of the carpeting whilst steaming and leaving sterile your carpet fibres from bacteria, mould and dust mites.

Allergen Reduction

Our agitation, shampoo and steam cleaning methods reduce allergies and keep your place of business as germ-free as possible.This helps you prevent work-day sicknesses and productivity loss because of absences. We also help eliminate odours to keep your place smelling pleasant and fresh by ending each carpet cleaning session with a free deodorant spray across your entire cleaned area.

We Also Provide

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Pest Control

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Water Damage Restoration

Why Superior?

You want to make the best impression possible when your potential clients walk through your doors. You might have job interviews on the premises and would want your prospective employees to walk into a clean environment, with a good impression that they want to work for you because of your companies hygiene standards.

We use commercial carpet cleaning equipment that performs much better than standard machines. They work on both high-traffic walkways and in the lobbies as well as in smaller rooms.You can expect our team to follow 5 step practice as set out by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IIRC). These 5 steps involve;

  1. Dry Soil Removal – A good dry vacuum takes care of this. Add in brushing agitation from our professional vacuum heads and your company carpets are already shining cleaner than normal.
  2. Soil Suspension – Using industrial foaming agents and steam cleaners we bring the buried dirt, grime to the surface whilst bacteria is killed due to the heat of the chemicals and their properties.
  3. Soil ExtractionWet vacuuming and steam extraction keeps the temperature high and removes the now top level dirt, grease and particles. The steam adds another level of sterility and leaves your carpet clean from bottom to top.
  4. Grooming – We “groom” your carpet by vacuuming evenly and applying our deodorant to the entire area. This adds a clean smell to your already sparkling carpet. 
  5. DryingDrying is completed by airing your carpet and ensuring minimal (if any) foot traffic occurs for a few hours. This ensures no wet spots which could breed bacteria and mould occur immediately after cleaning.

Superior Does Not Disappoint!

quality services

Save time and money with a professional, reliable and trustworthy full-service cleaning and maintenance agency that can complete any commercial or residential tasks – 100% guaranteed service.

We take your Residential or Commercial space hygiene very seriously. Don’t miss this opportunity for quality and trustworthy service. We do not sub-contract to an external entity. Our Technicians are fully certified and insured.

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