Carpet Stain Removal and treatments



Professional carpet cleaning can eliminate all nasty stains more efficiently than if you using standard cleaners and machines. You can avoid having to buy a brand new carpet when you can instead have a professional clean it on the occasion. We can prolong the life of your rugs, upholstery, leather and other fabrics when we condition them. Professional carpet maintenance is an excellent way to remove soot and smoke odours after a fire damage.
Our stain removal services are for those who want to sleep better at night. After all, we can also remove all the mattresses stains and odour. If you own large apartment complexes, you probably would also need our services because you constantly have people coming in and out every day. The result of this is it can cause many marks to appear on the carpet, but our Superior Cleaning staff can handle it.

We serve Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast clients. We are happy perform the job on your schedule so you can once again have fresh, clean carpets for the family to enjoy. Services we offer include deep cleans and spot removals as well as grooming, conditioning and drying.

Carpet stain removal

We have already helped many cases when mould, dirt, bacteria, pet waste and other substances trapped in the carpet fabric. We can help you remove all pathogens that otherwise would cause serious illnesses. We have a well known reputation from our client base because of our ability to take care of carpet problems that require immediate attention.

You can be confident that no job is too big or small for us. We can also provide careful treatment of your upholstery or leather lounge suites. After applying our premium carpet stain removal and upholstery cleaning techniques, your entire home will smell like new again. You will see no sign of those stubborn spots you have wanted to remove for a long time.

We are happy to help you, and we are always available if you have any questions about our services.


If you are contemplating about hiring a professional to remove your carpet stains, if you give us a chance, you will be relieved at how easily we accomplished this task once we have finished the work. After all, you probably already tried your own methods only to have them not work, right?
We do understand you might need time to research your options. We do agree that you should not hire just any carpet cleaner. On the other hand, our professional staff at Superior Cleaning is confident that we will be able to eliminate most stubborn spots. We have had many positive reviews posted on Facebook highlighting all the best features of our services.