Builders Cleans



Superior Cleaning, Carpets & Pest Control knows how important it is to make an impression on future home buyers. The same is true if you are planning to rent space to a tenant and have just completed some much-needed renovations. You are right to demand excellence when requesting professional builders cleaning service after any renovations or building works for newly constructed residential homes or commercial property.
If you are in need of expert cleaners on demand, Superior Cleaning, Carpets & Pest Control pay careful attention to every detail when providing this urgent service. We know that you must fill that home or commercial building as fast as possible to avoid losing revenue. Therefore, we encourage you to let us help you make sure your places are clean enough to attract new renters or new buyers.


You will need Superior Cleaning, Carpets and Pest Control if you are a real estate development company. The reason is that homes or buildings that are newly constructed typically requires extra vacuuming, wiping, mopping, rubbish removal and other services beyond what is needed during daily maintenance. It might also require extra window, carpet and floor washing, which is not normally a part of the usual cleaning schedule.

The primary purpose of a new construction overhaul is to eliminate all evidence that builders were ever on the property. This process also helps stage a brand new home for sale – making it look presentable to buyers after eliminating all the construction debris. Otherwise, the place might not even look new and not attract many buyers.

When providing you with new construction maintenance services, Superior Cleaning knows how important it is that you find a new tenant or buyer as soon as possible. To reduce the amount of time it takes to sell or rent out a brand new home, we will make every inch of the place immaculate. During each stage of the process, we will also meticulously inspect every section. This will further ensure that your real estate will draw in new prospects while increasing home value.

You might have even listed newly constructed homes already. If so, the need for a complete builders cleaning becomes even more apparent especially when showing it to potential buyers.

Whether your newly constructed home is already listed on the market or you are now preparing it for that purpose, our expert team offers you quality services. Our primary objective is to help you avoid the embarrassment of not staging your property in time. Once we are finished cleaning, you can expect your real estate to sell very quickly. Properties cleaned by us can also increase the chance that you will receive better offers during the buying process.

In every instance, you can expect us to provide the kind of attention to detail that you would demand from professional cleaners. We promise to reduce your stress and not add to it when preparing all your real estate for new renters or buyers. Our staff look forward to discussing with you your needs in order to provide you with a customised cleaning plan.