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Superior Pest Control Services provides efficient, safe pest control solutions for residences and businesses. The work we perform on your property is backed by the peace of mind that we have full knowledge of the safest products and how to use them together with a history of customer satisfaction.

The complexities of pest control applications and processes often entails learning how to locate and remove specific types of major agricultural and urban pests. Some species and termites are notorious for inflicting painful bites, itching and damage to structures. Some can even destroy gardens, crops and invade residential complexes and commercial buildings.

In minor infestations, you can often take care of it yourself but if you have any concerns about whether your pest problem could be getting worse, call us immediately to schedule an appointment with us. The problem can be overwhelming if you own multiple properties. Want to know more about our pest control process? Read more…

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Commercial Pest Control

Infestation is a serious issue for businesses. There is a real risk of personal injury to employees from bites and/or infections together with internal property damage caused by termites, bugs, rodents and more that are not detected until it’s too late. Our specialty pest control solutions are the best in the industry for combating insect and vermin infestations. Read more…
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Residential Pest Control

You can count on us when you need the removal of ants, rodents, flies, wasps, termites, or any of the other bugs that have invaded your home. Our expert team provides the most safe and effective solutions possible. Every one of our residential pest control staff are fully licensed and properly trained in the handling of all types of insecticides. Read more…


Act Immediately with Superior Pest Control

If you suspect that you have a pest problem, we urge you to take care of the problem straightaway. If you do address the issue immediately, you can prevent the spread of bedbugs, cockroaches, rodents, termites and other nuisances.

You can prevent serious damage of your reputation and your business. If the problem is at home, you can prevent further damage to beds, clothing and other belongings. Even more importantly, you will stop your children from being harmed – especially at night while in bed. Therefore, we strongly suggest you schedule an inspection with a Superior pest control specialist. Once we assess the situation, we will start right away with the elimination process. Read more…

Why Hire Superior?

Superior Pest Control Services assures you that all of our employees are fully trained to execute the highest quality pest inspection techniques. We can be certain that our team will thoroughly survey your property and will not miss a telltale sign. We pay attention to common problem areas such as your kitchen cupboards and food pantries to find the source of an infestation.

Everyone on our termite and pest control team dedicates themselves to protecting Brisbane homes and businesses. We understand your pest control needs and offer competitive prices. We guarantee the work that we do.

We also can educate you on how you can spot bug infestation, and we particularly can teach you how to know if you have bed bugs. We are always happy to explain the entire inspection process, and we will communicate with you to devise the most effective plan to remove all pests.

Should you be concerned about the process of pest control, we welcome you to to ask us questions. We can teach you how to take back your house and property with the removal of all bugs and vermin. We have a wide range of services available to help address most problems.


Superior Does Not Disappoint!

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Save time and money with a professional, reliable and trustworthy full-service cleaning and maintenance agency that can complete any commercial or residential tasks – 100% guaranteed service.

We take your Residential or Commercial space hygiene very seriously. Don’t miss this opportunity for quality and trustworthy service. We do not sub-contract to an external entity. Our Technicians are fully certified and insured.

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