Superior Cleaning, Carpet & Pest Control – Professional Cleaning Agency

After noticing a gap in the industry, Director’s Graham and Neil decided to make a change and raise the bar by establishing a company that guarantees a premium standard of work for a range of cleaning and property maintenance needs. The Superior service you receive from our team is what sets us aside from our competitors in the Industry. Sparing no cost when it comes to equipment and supplies, not only do we use quality products to ensure all jobs are done effectively and efficiently with time in mind – the majority of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly!

You can count on us to responding promptly to emergencies in addition to conscientiously keeping up with the daily or weekly projects. Furthermore, we can fulfill all your commercial maintenance requirements in addition to regular office or industrial cleaning. Likewise, we offer a variety of services to residential households.

For example, we provide carpet dirt extraction and pest control for businesses as well as homes. Knowing this could reduce the amount of time it takes to hire a contractor for each service. You can have all your jobs completed by the same company instead of hiring multiple contractors for each of our specialty areas.

We listen to our clients because we care

Keeping you happy with our services is our number one priority. Your satisfaction only comes by way of regular communication with you. Therefore, we offer you both online and offline contact methods so you can stay connected with us at all times. Superior welcomes your feedback as well, and we take your input seriously to provide you with the best possible customer service.

Concerning the concept of offering the vast selection of expertise that we do, you might have some concern about how skilled we are in each specialty area. To answer your question, Superior assures you that we assign the most qualified people to each project. Furthermore, all our maintenance teams understand the value of cooperation when completing each job.

What Else Do We Do?

We clean homes, businesses, offices, industries and newly-built structures. In the process, we offer solutions that remove all bacteria, viruses and other pathogens on contact. At the same time, we also provide child-safe, non-toxic cleaners when needed. In addition, we offer these categories of services:

Light residential and commercial janitorial services We know how precious your time is, so we take care of all the sanitising, sweeping, mopping, dusting, travel removal and more. In doing so, we provide you with the best results using the most effective and safe methods available.

Window cleaning Any type of glass or mirror you have in your home or office, we will clean it. We have streak-free solutions, and we even maintain roof atriums. You can hire us for seasonal or regular jobs.

Detailed bond and builders cleaning Our expert team provides meticulous bond cleaning when attention to detail matters the most. We want you to receive your bond back when you move, so we are dedicated to making sure we make the place free of all spots, stains, dust, odour and rubbish.

Carpet cleaning and pest control We will inspect every inch of your place and take the appropriate action of eliminating germs and pests. You can request these services in conjunction with one another or one at a time.

Emergency and flood restoration Our professional emergency cleaning crew is known for its fast response time during an emergency. We will clean your place as quickly as possible after a flood, fire or other disaster so you can resume your life or business as usual.

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